I got my piece for Light Grey Art Lab’s Animystics show printed today, a wee frame and it’ll be off across the ocean to the good ol’ US of A.

Here’s a WIP shot.

Getting the ‘feel’ of drawing rats for the upcoming light grey show. #illustration #rat #art

#rat  #art  #illustration  

30 Day Challenge // Day 2 // Someone you like

For this one I’ve done a lil’ sketch of my brilliant lady-friend Annabel Davis. She’s into cats and the occult which is pretty neat.

Here’s a WIP of my upcoming submission for Hamish Steele’s Kaiju zine God-zine-la.

I’m drawing Hedorah, the smog monster! Of course I was going to choose the sentient swirling mass of pollution. Look at those eyes! (not sure about the halftone effect, but we’ll see). 

30 Day Challenge // Day 1 // Yourself or your Persona

So I’m giving the 30 Day Challenge a go. Not sure if I can manage one each day, but we’ll see. It’s always thoroughly interesting seeing someone draw themselves, as well as their friends and enemies.  

My submission for the Nessie Press zine Monsters of the Deep. 

I chose to draw the terribly creepy (kinda real Fiji Mermaid).

My sub for The GhibliJam, hopefully not too late in the week.

Princess Mononoke is pretty much everything I like, a great bunch of morally grey characters, demons and folklore.  

Vintage lady number two - FANTOMAH!!!

The most marvellous woman ever known.

(Original 1940 by Fletcher Hanks as Barclay Flagg)

Having some fun redesigning a few vintage comic ladies.

First up CAMILLA! Jungle-viking Queen? haha

(Original 1940 by C. A. WInter)

He’s baaaaaack.

Whilst Hannibal lacks the dramatic chops of other shows it is by far one of the most stylish. Gotta love the slick ‘oily-murder’ aesthetics.

Today Miliband wants International Ocean Police!

Ink and gouache are the way forward!!!

Today’s editorial is from this article about the ‘Rise of the Machines’ as professed by Google’s new director of engineering.

This new regime is being brutal on my sense of self but I feel I’m steadily making progress to where I want to be. Whew art is hard.

So I’m shaking up my routine to become a pro! I’m waking up early and starting each day with an editorial mock-up. This will help me shape my work to be more commercially viable as well as getting me to draw concepts outside my usual comfort zone.

First up this fun little Guardian article about why prospective time-travellers probably shouldn’t kill Hitler. (For my money someone just as bad but less foolish would take the reigns of the Third Reich with dire results). 

Time-traveller WIP

Anonymous asked: how do you do the art stuf like dat

necromancy, druidic herbalism and a pact with a certain horned deity