Really digging the godling design from the Witcher 3

Sabriel with some quick colour dropped in.

I love skulls, and I reckon Tibetan Skull Dancers have the best skulls.

#knights and #goblins

'Bats' inspired by a short tale of horror from one of the Pan Books of Horror.


I can still draw…kinda

Macbethy-fashiony things

Behold! My piece for LGAL’s Animystics show; an exhibition of spirit animals, all in aid of some local animal charities.

My little guide is the white rat Anokou, prints available on the online store where you can also see the rest of the amazing work on show.

Song of my soul, my voice is dead

I gone made a comic that could win some gold…

I got my piece for Light Grey Art Lab’s Animystics show printed today, a wee frame and it’ll be off across the ocean to the good ol’ US of A.

Here’s a WIP shot.

Getting the ‘feel’ of drawing rats for the upcoming light grey show. #illustration #rat #art

#rat  #art  #illustration  

30 Day Challenge // Day 2 // Someone you like

For this one I’ve done a lil’ sketch of my brilliant lady-friend Annabel Davis. She’s into cats and the occult which is pretty neat.

Here’s a WIP of my upcoming submission for Hamish Steele’s Kaiju zine God-zine-la.

I’m drawing Hedorah, the smog monster! Of course I was going to choose the sentient swirling mass of pollution. Look at those eyes! (not sure about the halftone effect, but we’ll see). 

30 Day Challenge // Day 1 // Yourself or your Persona

So I’m giving the 30 Day Challenge a go. Not sure if I can manage one each day, but we’ll see. It’s always thoroughly interesting seeing someone draw themselves, as well as their friends and enemies.